From Gig to Ownership

Enterprising shared mobility enthusiasts seeking more than the gig economy can now become owners and enjoy a much larger revenue share. JOY’s vested interest in your success means you’ll be trained and fully supported. If you believe in our mission we'll help you obtain your vision. 

  • 1. Order

    Visit our Become a Partner page and purchase your JOY scooters

  • 2. Receive

    We’ll deliver the scooters to your your doorstep!

  • 3.Register and Launch

    Register each scooter by scanning the QR code to your JOY Management Platform and you are ready to launch your JOY Scooter Sharing business.


How it Works

drop off scooters

drop scooters in highly populated areas with ample foot traffic at the beginning of your day

generate revenue

make money throughout the day, while you work, run errands, and enjoy life

charge scooters

charge scooters or hire one of our local chargers for a small fee while you track your daily earnings

Scooter Facts & FAQ

  • When your JOY scooters are delivered, locate the barcode(s) and scan each scooter into the JOY Management Platform. This will enable the availability of each scooter and allow you to track and pull data from each vehicle in real time. Each morning, carefully transport your scooters to high traffic areas of your community. During the day, monitor and manage your fleet. Specifically, when the battery is low on a scooter make sure it gets to a charger so it stays in service for as much of the day as possible. Make sure none of your scooters end up outside the geofencing you’ve established. Each evening, gather your fleet and return them to your house where you will charge them overnight. If you have any questions about anything you can get the answers immediately by calling or emailing customer support at 617-407-1427 or
  • The more diligent and informed you are about your community, fleet usage and favorable drop zones, the more money you will make. The earning potential of your fleet can vary greatly. We will support your efforts to generate a daily average of 7 - 10 JOY rides at 10 - 15 minutes per ride. Based on data from current scooter demand we estimate annual revenue of between $6,000 and $8,000 per scooter per year. Revenue assumes 7 days per week of availability, pricing of $1 to unlock and $.25/minute. Factors affecting each end of the range are directly correlated to the number of rides each scooter is engaged per day. Weather, battery charge, time in-service, and rider behavior all affect the total number of rides each scooter is rented per year.
  • JOY charges you a 15% fee on all transactions which flow through our operating system. Rider payments are processed through a third party and they charge between 2%-4% per transaction. Your bank may charge an additional transaction fee for transferring the money from the processing company to your bank. This varies depending on which currency you are using and country you are located. The cellular GPS company* we use to enable a number of important features through the software will cost you $3.00/month/scooter. You will not be charged for data usage (i.e. you will be on an unlimited data plan). *JOY Scooter, LLC, reserves the right to change cellular connectivity providers. Our goal is to bring you the lowest cost provider and the best connectivity.
  • The platform allows you to manage and monitor your fleet in several important ways. Most notably, you determine how much you want to charge to unlock each scooter and your per minute usage charge. We recommend $1 ((€1) to unlock the scooter and $.25/minute (€0.25) thereafter. Once the end ride protocols are met by each rider, the platform will display a number of data points including how much money each ride generated. The platform also allows you to monitor in real-time your scooters activity and whereabouts enabling you to proactively manage your fleet. Other features include; - Precise Geo-fencing - Local Payment gateway - Real time data sharing - Support alerts - Ride statistics - Dashboard battery life display - QR code scanner
  • JIMI Scooter manufactures the JS40 model we supply our Business Partners. In an effort to ensure we supply the leading edge hardware and software to our Partners we continually evaluate scooter manufacturers. If we find a superior product we will work toward a vendor relationship with that manufacturer.
  • As a JOY Business Partner you are required to carry a comprehensive insurance policy. We work with Atain and Bishopbend Insurance Services out of Huntsville, TX. Under the umbrella policy we have negotiated with them, fleet owners get preferred pricing on comprehensive coverage. Current rates are .$1/month/scooter (example; a fleet of 10 scooters would cost $10/month or $120/yr.) .
  • The maximum number of JOY scooters you can buy for any one location is fifty (50). The minimum number you can order is ten (10). Provided you don’t own more than fifty scooters in any one location you can increase the size of your fleet over time.
  • Yes for Corporate clients. No for Small Businesses. No for Individual Business Partners We are working with a number of corporate clients who will use their branding on our scooters.
  • No. We do encourage our riders to wear helmets and some municipalities will require riders to wear helmets.
  • Yes. We work closely with our scooter manufacturer(s) to ensure you have access to spare parts for scooter repairs. We also offer “How To” tutorials on how to repair your JOY scooters.
  • A typical charge will last 28 miles. We are working with battery manufacturers and scooter manufacturers on efforts to increase battery life.
  • Yes. We work with Klarna with financing options for those needing to pay for their fleet over time. As with all loan applications, your credit score will dictate your eligibility.
  • Riders can use their personal credit cards to register and/or ride a JOY Scooter. If you are using a credit card that uses a currency other than the United States Dollar or any Euro exchange, our software will not recognize the transaction. We will be expanding to other currencies throughout the year.
  • JOY Scooters will operate in the USA and Europe initially. We do plan to operate in Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other countries as early as 2020. If you intend to order 50 JOY scooters for your region and you need us to configure the app in your local currency, we can fast track to meet your needs.
  • JOY Scooters are designed to work only with the JOY app. Your contract will bind each owner to the use of the JOY software, the markings on the Scooters and agreed upon territory of operation.
  • The 15 % JOY Scooter management fee, the credit card processing fee, the data usage fee established by the mobile provider, the insurance premium fee and the fees established by the territory each owner operates in.

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